Private Tour Magic Amongst Muggles: Harry Potter in London

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  • 2.5 hr

Enter the wizarding world of magic and muggles with this Harry Potter tour.

Itinerary Details

Whether you're fanatical about your Hogwarts house or whether you're a muggle ('non-magic folk'), we will bring to life the magic of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  Experience the myths, mysteries, and hidden gems on this fascinating 2.5-hour tour of London.

  • Discover places that first inspired J.K Rowling and visit many film locations.
  • Visit the Leaky Cauldron, Durmstrang's travelling ship, and Diagon Alley before seeing Millennium Bridge - the site of the muggle killings by Death Eaters. 
  • Hop aboard the muggle underground to visit the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and the muggle Prime Minister's home.
  • Hear the spellbinding stories behind the characters, the author, and the actors.
  • Learn lesser-known facts, trivia and insider knowledge about books and films.
Whether you're merely a muggle harbouring a belief of the wizarding world's existence or whether you remember He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, this tour will take you through several of the filming locations for the story of the boy-who-lived. 

Prepare for your own sorting ceremony and be sure you know which magical creature you want to bring with you to Hogwarts. In just three hours, you'll traverse many of London's hidden passageways and filming locations for the iconic 8 films. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Ernie Prang and Stan Shunpike navigating the Knight Bus throughout the city. 

Visit the beloved literary and cinematic landmarks of Harry Potter as you amble through the muggle-run streets of London. Our fun, expert guides are sure to excite the Potter fan in everyone. See Diagon Alley, the Leaky cauldron,  and other spellbinding places. Enjoy fascinating trivia on the series and gain a lesser-known insight into the characters, author and actors. Hear tales that even the most dedicated fans and Potterheads will not have heard before!  With wands, quizzes and prizes, you will enjoy a unique wizarding experience. 

We promise even if you're not enough of a Potter-head to understand a single reference made in this tour, your guide is used to dealing with muggles and educating them on the magic of the wizarding world! 

Let's unlock the magic and your guide may even show you some tricks- Alohomora!

Note: If you would like to visit Platform 9¾ after the tour to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, your guide will be happy to direct you to King's Cross. 

Tour duration
2.5 hours 30 minutes

Type of tour
Walking tour but with a ride on the underground with your guide

Tickets included
No tickets required but guests must have their own travel pass for the Underground

Other inclusions
  • A fun, Potter aficionado tour guide.
  • A visit to London's literary and cinematic Harry Potter landmarks.
  • Plenty of time to take photos of your favourite places.

Suitable for
Culture Vulture, Family, Friends

Attractions along this route:

Downing Street
The home of some of the most important members of the British Government, including the Prime Minister himself.

Trafalgar Square
A beautiful historic square in the heart of London and one of the city's top tourist attractions.

Piccadilly Circus
The most buzzing place in London, overlooked by the statue of Eros.

Borough Market
A beautiful wholesale fruit and vegetable market, one of the oldest in London.

Millennium Bridge
Nick-named by Londoners 'the wobbly bridge' due to unexpected swaying in its early days, this pedestrian walkway over the Thames opened in June 2000.
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