Colosseum & Ancient Rome Group Walking Tour

  • Instant Confirmation
  • Private Tour
  • 3 hr

Enjoy the Colosseum and Ancient Rome through a relaxing and entertaining semi-private small group tour.

Itinerary Details

  • With 10 people or less per group, your journey through the world’s biggest Open-Air Museum will be personal and at a slow pace, while always maintaining full interaction with your experienced tour guide. 
  • A no-line quick access means you’ll enter the sites before the general public without wasting any time of your precious holiday. 
The tour will start with an introduction at the top of the Oppian hill, where a scenic view over the Colosseum and the Arch of Costantine will bring you face to face with one of history's greatest example's of architecture, the Flavian Amphitheatre. Once inside, your friendly and professional English-speaking tour guide will illuminate the history of the greatest “Show on Earth”: you will be almost be able to feel the vibration from the lion’s roar and the screaming crowds, as if you were yourself one of Ancient Rome’s victorious gladiators. 

During a short pause to admire the beauty behind the structure of the Arch of Constantine you will hear the tales of triumphal parades that fuelled the egos of the Emperors, you will discover the secrets of Rome’s mysterious and gory sacrifices and learn about Ancient Rome’s everyday life. While exploring the Sacred Way and its many ruined temples you will reach the heart of the Roman Forum: the Altar, where the body of Julius Caesar was once cremated. Today inside the Forum is the reconstructed rostra siting on that site near the Temple of Saturn. Next to the body, was a torso of Caesar made of wax, which showed all 23 of his stab wounds. 

In the foot-steps of the most famous dictator in history you will then learn how Rome evolved from a Republic into an Empire. On this tour your English-speaking guide will bring the ruins to life for you and your group in a way that is not possible without an expert leading the way. 

We built this tour because 
the Colosseum is recognised as Rome's architectural centre, and so your experience will be enriched  with art history.

Tour duration
3 hours

Type of tour
No transport costs are included. Meet your guide at the designated tour start. This walking tour does not require transport.

Tickets included
  • Quick entrance into the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill

Other inclusions
  • Expert & Entertaining English-speaking guide
  • Small groups of maximum 10 people or less 
  • Tickets, headsets (over 7 people) and reservation fees included

Suitable for
Couples, Culture Vulture, Friends, History Buffs

Attractions along this route:

The Roman Empire’s largest amphitheatre, and one of the world’s most awe-inspiring ancient monuments.

Roman Forum
The political, religious and civic heart of ancient Rome.

Palatine Hill
This hill is where the Roman State began, and where Rome's Emperors used to live. Today it boasts many remains from their magnificent palaces.

Arch of Constantine
The largest and most magnificent of Rome's triumphal arches, with a curious history in its sculpture.
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