Communist and World War II Zadar walking tour

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Join a guided walking tour in Zadar and discover life under communism in Yugoslavia and fascism in Zadar

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Operated by: Free Spirit Tours

Have your ever wondered what it was like to live under fascism? Or nazism? Or even communism? This tour answers those questions and many more. Zadar came under the rule of fascist Italy in the first part of the 20th century. As an important fascist and later nazi strategic point, Zadar was a target of a disastrous bombing campaign in the Second World War when 80% of the Old Town was destroyed.After the war, there was a new totalitarian rule - a communist one. A specific liberal style of communism brought both prosperity and misery to the people. Western products were copied or smuggled into the state, Western movies were filmed in Yugoslavia and Western culture influenced the younger generations.This tour includes more than 80 photos and pictures while discussing workers, workplaces, tourism, everyday life, products, music, movies, and much more with the goal of providing an in-depth perspective on what the life of ordinary people looked like in a communist state.
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