Samurai city exploration game and tour in Tokyo

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Go on a fun Tokyo walking tour where you will follow clues to discover amazing places and local stories using your smartphone.

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Operated by: Questo

Play a city game in Tokyo’s Kagurazaka and follow clues to discover a piece of Old Edo’s complicated history and stories from the times of shoguns, geishas and samurais.On this walking tour, you will enter a labyrinth of narrow alleys, geisha teahouses, temples, samurai houses and old traditional restaurants (ryotei) that used to fill this former pleasure district, hanamachi, or City of Flowers.Are you ready to take the way of the Samurai?Storyline:When Tokugawa Yoshimune succeeded as the eighth shogun in 1716, he brought sixteen men from his homeland of Kii as his private secret guards. They were employed to guard the garden of the Edo Castle and were known as the oniwaban, the “garden patrol”, sometimes referred to as ninjas. Throughout Edo period, they developed into a team of competent spies.You are their leader.Lately, you've been hearing rumors and whispers about potential revolts and street fights, so you are sent to keep an eye on things and make sure that Minamoto – one of the shogun’s loyal samurais – is safe. You’re supposed to meet him on the back alleys of Kagurazaka, away from curious eyes.
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