Group Salsa Class in Cartagena, Colombia

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Rhythms and dances form an integral part of Caribbean history, life and spirit! One might even say all the ease, passion and sensuality of the Caribbean finds its most eminent and for the visitor eye-catching expression in all the colourful and vibrant rhythms and dances which are abundant everywhere. Feeling and dancing some of these rhythms is arguably the most direct, intensive and fun way for visitors to get a taste of this very passion for life, to directly connect with locals and to get immersed in the culture.  Learn in Crazy Salsa how to understand and enjoy latin music, and in the process you will also learn how to move your body to the music and start dancing salsa. It might be the most changing experience for you in Cartagena and the longest-lasting souvenir you bring home!

Itinerary Details

One hour salsa class.
While warming up, you will explore body movements that are very natural to latinos, and that you might have never tried before. There you will start to understand better what is our dane about.
Then we will explain how salsa music can be decoded, so you can understand it better while dancing to it.
Through the class, you will learn several basic steps for salsa, and the most probable thing, is that you will take home a long lasting souvenir and a new passion.
See you in the dance floor
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