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I'm a passionate chef and I lead Soqueta. Soqueta is a gastronomic house, which seeks to divulge and promote Majorcan cuisine. It's an outgoing, street-level cuisine, because Soqueta wishes to be an easy, direct entrance to the way of being on the island and above all, to our gastronomy which is defining in our culture. I invite you to cook and enjoy the simplicity of sharing a table with the calm which characterizes the island. Everything revolves around an antique kitchen table which belonged to an old Majorcan farm-house, and which we are, all together, going to bring to life again.

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Operated by: Soqueta

Together we are going to enjoy a day of cooking, preparing recipes that are typical of the islands. We will make a starter, a main course and finally, a dessert. You will become aware of the pleasure of cooking unhurriedly, with your own hands, in an atmosphere which is homely, simple and typical of the island.


The kitchen is on the outskirts of Palma, in Sant Jordi, a place with a history: a neighbourhood which was formerly important for the city. The abundancy and quality of the vegetables and potatoes were such that the zone was considered “the pantry” of Palma. An atmosphere of calm, surrounded by fields scattered with the characteristic windmills, a setting which makes the experience more authentic.
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