Abruzzo Traditional Pasta Making with 85y old local Grandma

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I grew up at my Nonna's house in a village nearby Teramo in the Abruzzo region. I grew up with the sound of the pasta making machine and the smell of her superb tomatoes sauce. I used to hide under the table and steal the row pasta...that's where my passion for food started. The passion for food and people took me to found ExperienceBellaVita.com, a company that promotes sustainable tourism experiences in the less touristic areas of Italy, in Abruzzo. One of the 5* Reviews "We had a fantastic time with Marino and his Nonna Amina. We made it all from scratch and it was a lot of fun, not to mention absolutely delicious. Doing it at his home with his family made for a really memorable experience for us, because when travelling it's those local connections that make it extra special."

Itinerary Details

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Within this experience, we want to take you through a journey 'in time'. This is not a simple pasta making class. We are going to make the traditional pasta of Teramo called ‘Pasta alla Chitarra’ from scratch. Very few people still make it following the tradition with an old wooden tool, called ‘chitarra’. Nowadays, restaurants and housewives prepare this pasta with the pasta machine, but you will experience with your senses that it’s a totally different story: making it completely by hand! Your life will change, when you will learn why it is important to make it by hand, and how to prepare it at your home.

During the experience, we will prepare together the 'pasta alla chitarra' fro scratch

Nonna Amina and Marino will also share with you all the secrets of making the best tomatoes sauce on Earth. In this way, once back home you can take with you a piece of Abruzzo and impress your friends and loved ones.

With the two of us together, You will learn all the secrets of my nonna's recipes, which were kept within our family for generations. Together we will share a typical day of a family from Abruzzo.
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