Floating, hovering at Zero Gravity Day Spa Beauty Center Bemerode

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Try our Floating Cabin in Hanover-Bemeroden with: Weightloss request Muscle or joint pain Skin problems like cellulite Stress in the job, the university or the family back pain Migraine, headache Fatigue and concentration problems mood swings pregnancy Irritability sleep problems important tasks with high responsibility Nervousness before presentations, exams and important talks Problem with creativity Need to strengthen the willpower Obsessive - compulsive disorder or phobias etc

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Operated by: Zero Gravity Day Spa & Beauty Center

Enjoy the fantastic way of floating in Epsom Salt with Zero Gravity
Are you looking for a floating provider in the Hannover area? Then you are right at Zero Gravity in Bemerode. With the help of the world famous Epsom salt, which has been used for many generations to slim down, you too will achieve incredible results.

The salt discovered in England (Epson) can do a lot more, except to wash away the pounds. Here you will learn about all the advantages that float in Hanover-Bemerode offers and for whom the float in the traditional Epson salt literally the solution. Swing to light body and liberated spirit with Zero Gravity Floating in Hannover-Bemerode. These are the facts about this unique wellness and beauty treatment:

The Epson salt acts transdermally - directly through the skin.
It extracts water and toxins from the body and cleanses and cares for the skin
Has a purifying effect | promotes weight loss | relaxed and free
Our floating cabin holds over 500 kg of Epsom saline solution has a height of 2 meters and a total size of 3.9 square meters
The spacious cabin is filled with saturated epsom salts.
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