Sun Print on Textile - Kli-ché Workshops

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The art of cyanotype (sun printing) is a very unique technique filled with history. Originating as a photographic tool before the camera was invented, a small amount of photographers use it today as a form of alternative photography. I have blended this tool with my love of textiles to form products with deep blue prints. The outcome is guaranteed to be beautiful and functional. The cyanotype process is a surprising and magical form of printing.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Kli-ché

We start the workshop with an overview of cyanotype and the amazing cyan-blue prints it produces. In this workshop we will learn to use this fascinating technique to create textile products with unique and personal sun prints.
Each participant picks a textile product (tote bag, pillow case and more) they wish to print on. After experimenting a bit with prepared scraps of fabric and various elements for printing, each participant plans out their final print for the chosen textile product.
The workshop leads us through the stages of printing with this alternative photography method and each one finishes off with their own functional and beautiful blue design in hand.
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