Traditional and ordinary Japanese udon cooking class in Asakusa, Tokyo [The only udon artist in the world teaches]

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Let's make a traditional Japanese dish "Sanuki Udon" that is familiar to all Japanese people with the help of young Sanuki udon craftsmen living in Asakusa. The demonstration will be done while showing the udon, making it easier and more fun than making it alone. It also teaches professional recipes so you can take home how to make them. Lecturers are very knowledgeable about Japanese history, so they can teach cultures that even Japanese do not know. The instructor, a craftsman, trains at a well-known store in Tokyo for three years and makes udon as a professional for five years. I also teach foreigners how to make udon at a Japanese language school for three years. I'm a udon craftsman specializing in business trips, so I'm making udon all over Japan, and I've already made udon at the Empire State Building in New York. Udon is made only of flour, water and salt, so it can be used for vegetarians and halal. There are some common toppings that you bought at Japanese supermarkets, so let's eat only what you can carry. You can use what you bought in Asakusa as a topping. It is fun to make your own original udon.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Japanese Samurai Udon Cooking Class

You will learn how to make traditional and common udon at a studio dedicated to udon, which is the only one in Japan. This is a practical udon cooking class so you can use it when you get home.

The maximum number of guests is only eight, so enjoy personal attention.

① Once everyone has gathered, enter the facility.

② Udon craftsmen explain tools and facilities.
merphcraft is a place specializing in the udon making experience. There are many specialized tools that craftsmen usually use that are unknown to Japan.

Since the craftsmen perform the demonstration one step at a time and then make the participants again, it is easier for anyone to make delicious noodles than doing it alone. You can also bring professional recipes home so you can make more after you go home.

③ Knead udon from powder
The selection of flour and the amounts of water and salt are important for making delicious noodles.
Mix by hand to make the dough.

④ step on
Sanuki udon is a rare noodle dish that is rare among Japanese food. We make texture and make strong dough by this process. Step on the udon while dancing to the music in a fun way.

⑤ prolong
Use a special rolling pin to spread the dough. Unlike pasta and ramen, it is the only way to stretch hard dough quickly. Please come back and remember this method.

Cut off
Cut the udon with a special knife for cutting noodles. There are several types of noodle cutting knives, so choose a kitchen knife of your choice. Taking a picture here looks cool like a craftsman.

Let's boil it using a special "boiled udon". It's a good idea to take a picture here as well, as the noodles seem to be delicious in the pot.
Boil it for more than 10 minutes, so let's get your tools ready and eat them.

④ Eat.
Udon is usually eaten with soup stock, but really delicious noodles are delicious as they are. Sanuki udon is the world's most delicious “noodles that are delicious only with noodles”. Let's eat udon sashimi "UDON SASHI" with a little dashi soy sauce.
You can choose your favorite toppings from the popular toppings sold in Japanese supermarkets selected by the instructor, so the free style is very fun.
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