Interactive Urban Treasure Hunt Walking Tour - The Secret City

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Which Victorian dandy used to have his boots washed with champagne? Which psychedelic rocker once lived next to the house of a world famous baroque-r? Which American president married his cousin? Find out all this and so much more as you unravel the secret history of Mayfair- more than just a monopoly square. Allow cryptic clues to take you on a journey through fine palaces, grand arcades, charming passageways and hidden gardens. Along the way, encounter eccentric figures, head-scratching riddles, great cafes, historic pubs, a food and drink market in a Greek-revival church, a brewery in a crypt… and more This experience requires a mobile phone, with some data or text messages available We will not be there to physically guide you on this trail. If you get lost you can message "Lost" for a detailed route to the next clue. Send "hint" if you think you're in the right location but aren't sure where to find the clue answer!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: The Secret City by CityDays

A unique way to experience the city, this hybrid between an escape game and a city tour will take you on a cryptic adventure through the historic neighbourhood of Mayfair. Solve tricky clues and untangle enigmatic directions as you work your way between the impressive, the beautiful and the downright bizarre. Along the way, enjoy great rest-stops in cafes, bars and pubs, and learn the often baffling histories of some of Mayfair's most colourful characters.

Distance: 4.5 km
No Local Knowledge Required!
Difficulty: 3 / 5
Avg Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Number of Clues: 19

How it works:
When you reach your start point, you will receive cryptic instructions, sent to your phone. Decipher them, send us your answer and you will be given the next clue. One by one, these riddles will take you on a journey through Mayfair and through history. Solve them all to complete the trail.

Hints are available if you need a helping hand, and you can ask for directions if you get lost.

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