Secrets & Sigils - Treasure Hunt Walking Tour in Bath - The Secret City

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Immerse yourself in historic sights and obscure quirks as you solve riddles and progress on your treasure hunt style adventure. Once your tale starts you’ll unravel cryptic clues to unlock the hidden path to a location within walking distance. Decode the clue and search nearby to find the answer. All on your mobile phone using Telegram available on all app stores (like Whatsapp!). This experience requires a mobile phone, with some data or text messages available We will not be there to physically guide you on this trail so you can take it at your own pace! If you get lost you can message "Lost" for a detailed route to the next clue. Send "hint" if you think you're in the right location but aren't sure where to find the clue answer! There are optional pub/cafe breaks on this trail. Use these to get refreshments or skip if you'd like to carry on. We have no affiliation with these establishments.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: CityDays

Join us for a self-guided tour through the historic centre of Bath! With traces of architectural mysticism, a dash of Roman mythology, religious politics, and nods to curious figures from Bath's past, this is a vexing trail that will intrigue and delight locals and tourists alike

Our route will take you around just some of the city's amazing locations, leaving you with plenty to discover for yourself when you're finished! Learn fun facts along the way as you explore and solve head-scratching riddles and navigate using cryptic directions.

There are two optional pub breaks on this trail; the first is 1/3rd around and the second is 2/3rds around.

Distance: 4.5 km
Local knowledge Required: 1 / 5
Difficulty: 2 / 5
Avg Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hours
Number of clues: 19

How it works:
Each clue, sent to your mobile phone, leads you to a new location within walking distance. Solve the clue and search for the answer, reply with the correct answer to unlock the next step. Hints are available if you need a helping hand and you can also receive messages if you're lost.
Have a competitive streak? Your progress is timed and ranked on our leaderboard, time to challenge your friends!
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