2-day Shopping in Marrakech Private Sightseeing Tour

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The 2-day Shopping in Marrakech Private Sightseeing Tour offers an immersive and unforgettable experience for shopaholics and cultural enthusiasts alike. This exclusive tour is designed to provide you with the ultimate retail adventure while exploring the vibrant city of Marrakech Allow our expert guide to curate a personalized shopping experience, taking you on a journey through Marrakech's hidden treasures and vibrant markets, all while ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the tour.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Morocco Nomadic Travel

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Day 1 Marrakech Sightseeing

Stop At: Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech is a magnificent symbol of the city's rich history. Its towering minaret, standing at 77 meters, showcases intricate Moroccan architecture. While non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque, its exterior beauty and tranquil courtyard provide a serene atmosphere. The mosque's name references its historical role as a center for book trading. Whether admired during the day or illuminated at night, the Koutoubia Mosque is a timeless testament to Marrakech's cultural and religious significance.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Palacio da Bahia

Bahia Palace in Marrakech is a stunning testament to Moroccan craftsmanship and architectural splendor. This historical palace, built in the 19th century, showcases intricate details, beautiful gardens, and luxurious interiors. Step into a world of opulence and marvel at the exquisite tilework, elaborate carvings, and serene courtyards that make Bahia Palace a must-visit destination.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Mellah

Mellah in Marrakech is a captivating district with a rich cultural heritage. This historic Jewish quarter offers a glimpse into the city's diverse past. Explore its narrow streets, visit the synagogues, and discover the fascinating blend of Moroccan and Jewish traditions. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Mellah, where history and culture intertwine in a truly enchanting way.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Medersa Ben Youssef

Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech is a captivating architectural gem. This ancient Islamic school, dating back to the 14th century, showcases exquisite Moorish design and intricate details. Marvel at the stunning courtyard, intricate tilework, and serene atmosphere that make Ben Youssef Madrasa a must-see attraction.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Le Jardin Secret

Le Jardin Secret is a hidden oasis in Marrakech. This enchanting garden offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Explore its lush greenery, beautiful architecture, and peaceful courtyards. Lose yourself in the tranquility of Le Jardin Secret and experience a true haven of serenity in the heart of Marrakech.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa is Marrakech's vibrant main square. This bustling hub captivates with its lively atmosphere, street performers, and exotic sights. Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of Jemaa el-Fnaa and discover the essence of Moroccan culture in one dynamic location.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

Majorelle Garden and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech form a captivating duo. Majorelle Garden is a serene oasis featuring vibrant blue buildings and lush greenery. Adjacent to it, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum showcases the iconic designer's creations. Explore this enchanting blend of nature and fashion, a must-visit destination for art and style enthusiasts in Marrakech.

Duration: 1 hour

Day 2 Shopping in Marrakech Private Souks Tour

Stop At: Medina of Marrakesh

Your journey begins as you step into the bustling souks, immersing yourself in a tapestry of colors, scents, and sounds. Traverse the labyrinthine alleys, where a multitude of stalls await, each offering unique and handcrafted goods. From intricate carpets to delicate ceramics, from leather goods to traditional clothing, the options are endless. As you explore, your guide will share insights into the local craftsmanship and cultural significance of each item. Gain a deeper understanding of the techniques used and the stories behind the products, allowing you to make informed and meaningful purchases.

Duration: 2 hour

Stop At: Herboristerie la Sagesse

The Herbiest is a delightful herb shop in Marrakech. This aromatic haven offers a wide variety of herbs and spices, sourced from local markets and beyond. Immerse yourself in a world of scents and flavors as you explore the enchanting offerings of the Herbiest. Discover the essence of Moroccan cuisine and herbal remedies in this captivating herbal paradise.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Souk Semmarine

Buy a Moroccan carpet rug!! and bring home a piece of traditional craftsmanship. These exquisite carpets are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and luxurious textures. Experience the artistry of Moroccan weavers and add a touch of Moroccan beauty to your home with a stunning Moroccan carpet.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Souk Cherifia

Moroccan kaftans are a symbol of elegance and style. These traditional garments feature exquisite embroidery, flowing fabrics, and intricate details. Embrace the allure of Moroccan fashion and indulge in the timeless beauty of a Moroccan kaftan.

Duration: 40 minutes

Stop At: Souk des Teinturiers

Moroccan slippers, also known as babouche or Moroccan leather slippers, are a blend of comfort and artistry. These handcrafted shoes feature soft leather, vibrant colors, and beautiful embellishments. Slip into the charm of Moroccan culture with a pair of Moroccan slippers, adding a touch of exotic flair to your footwear collection.

Duration: 40 minutes
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