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This is an activity event for tourists visiting Japan to casually experience the essence of Japanese culture. In addition to watching and commenting on a Japanese dance show while enjoying matcha green tea and Japanese sweets, you can also try Japanese-style cosplay, calligraphy, origami, and more.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: 株式会社CoCoRo

This is an event for tourists visiting Japan where you can easily experience the essence of Japanese culture.
You can enjoy tea ceremony experience, Japanese dance show, kimono cosplay, calligraphy, origami, etc. while enjoying matcha and Japanese sweets.

[Tea ceremony experience & Japanese dance appreciation]
You can make a lecture while demonstrating how to make matcha, and you can actually make matcha yourself. Please enjoy with Japanese sweets.

In addition, you can enjoy seasonal Japanese dance while enjoying matcha and Japanese sweets. A fun commentary on choreography that expresses the scenery of the four seasons, with occasional quizzes. (English available)
You can feel closer to Japanese dance, which is not usually touched by foreigners.

The Japanese dance show is held once from 11:00 to 12:00 to 13:00 to 14:00.

[Calligraphy / Origami / Kimono Cosplay Experience]
A calligraphy experience where you can write your favorite characters with a brush and ink, following the example.
Origami experience to actually learn how to fold and make a work,
A kimono wearing experience where you can enjoy taking pictures while wearing geisha and maiko cosplay costumes (take a picture with your own camera or smartphone)
Etc. are also available.

As an option, we also offer souvenir goods such as original calligraphy T-shirts and matcha sets that you can make on the spot and take home.

You can enjoy Japanese traditional dance show with Green Tea “Matcha” and Japanese sweets in the program.

Also, you can experience “Shodo (calligraphy)”, “Origami” and “Kimono Cosplay” as well.

-The program includes-
・ Green Tea and Japanese sweets
・ Japanese traditional dance show
・ Shodo workshop
・ Origami workshop
・ Kimono Cosplay

・ Make your original Shodo T-shirt
・ Green Tea set
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