Experience Japanese calligraphy & tea ceremony at a traditional house in Nagoya

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Do you know that Nagoya was once the center base of Samurai culture? During the Sengoku period in the 16th century when Samurai played an active role, the Owari district including Nagoya is known as the place where the most famous “Sengoku Daimyo”, powerful Japanese feudal lord, were from, such as “Oda Nobunaga”, “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” and “Tokugawa Ieyasu”. Why don’t you experience Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony with English in a Kominka house in the city of Samurai culture “Nagoya”? We will welcome you at a special place where people actually used to live, not sightseeing facilities. Once you step inside, you will see the good old days of Japanese houses such as tatami mats, Shoji (paper walls) and traditional Japanese gardens which are rare today. With this quiet space, you can experience Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony while understanding the history. This would be the special experience for your visit to Japan.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: 蝶ノ屋

Experience "Japanese calligraphy" and "tea ceremony" at a "kominka", a Japanese traditional farmhouse, in Nagoya Japan.

1. History Commentary about the Sengoku Period

If you have a basic knowledge about history, your understanding of Japanese culture will be deeper. You will listen to commentary for about 15 minutes with an easy-to-understand slide show about Nagoya in the Sengoku period.

2. Japanese Calligraphy Experience

Drip some water on the inkstone and rub down an ink-stick slowly. You will concentrate with the unique smell of the ink in the quiet atmosphere. After learning the basics of Japanese calligraphy such as how to hold and move the brush, you will select symbols with your favorite meaning and designs among samples. When you write on the clean copy, the clean copy of your work will be framed as a souvenir for a wonderful experience of Japanese calligraphy.

3. Tea Ceremony Experience

Then, move to the tea room and we will explain about the tea room setting and utensils. First, please try the Matcha tea as a guest which is served by the host. When you get used to the atmosphere, let’s try to serve tea yourself. Calm your mind and feel the spirit of tea ceremony.
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