Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Akron by Wacky Walks

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Wacky Walks of Akron let's your team discover your city in a fun way! Our adventure is a royal themed scavenger hunt that is all played using an app. Throughout the game your group members will face off and compete to become the King or Queen. The King/Queen will lead the other members of the group to complete wacky tasks and find items around the city for points. The objective of Wacky Walks is to hang on to your King/Queen title the longest and try to get as many points as possible by doing the tasks and finding the items. You are welcome to explore any area of the city that you'd like and take as much time as you need, Wacky Walks is not timed. During the game, a remote host will be following along virtually and chatting with you if you need any help! Come explore your Kingdom of Akron today!

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Operated by: Wacky Walks Walk About Scavenger Hunts

Wacky Walks of Akron is a royalty themed scavenger hunt! You'll use an app to play the game, where you will take turns being either the King or Queen of your Kingdom (city). The King or Queen will direct the other players on the team to find items around the city and complete a challenge at each item you find! The King or Queen will take a photo through the app to get points. There is no time limit for Wacky Walks, you can take as long as you'd like! Remember, this is not a historical tour, but instead a fun, royal themed scavenger hunt and can be done anywhere in the city. If you do not know where to start, there is a suggested starting location for your city on our website and on your ticket. The goal of the game is to complete the scavenger hunt by finding all 60 items and holding onto your King/Queen title throughout the game. Throughout the game, you can take a look at the Activity Feed on the app to see other player photos from all over the country! Don't worry, you will not be alone during the game. A remote host will be communicating via a chat feature if you need any help! Let's get to exploring Akron today!
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