Tuscan Cooking Class - Traditional 5 course menù

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Kitchen has always been the fulcrum of this home, where my family is living since more than 7 generations. I have always been fascinated by my grandmother's ability to prepare awesome dishes from Tuscan tradition, always with few, simple but precious ingredients. That cultural heritage was in danger of disappearing: I spent a lot of time cooking with her, trying to learn her recipes and secrets. In the end, I realized that she had given me a bigger gift: I had assimilated her cooking philosophy! Then, I realized that tradition is not a dusty book but a living thing able also to adapt to new conditions, and even improve. I studied ingredient's seasonality, their sustainable production systems, new cooking techniques, techniques of tasting: almost without realizing it, in the meantime, I became Chef and finally, also Sommelier. Since a lot of years, I decided to share this path: a long path that is not yet finished... Giacomo

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Tuscan Cooking Classes by Le Caggiole

Have fun while learning how to cook in an engaging, familiar, and friendly atmosphere.
An unique and complete experience that include 7 different preparations!
Taste High Quality wines, expertly paired and explained: Giacomo, Chef & Sommelier, sharing his passions will accompany you on a complete Food and Wine journey!

The course is dynamic and include different experiences: Pratical Cooking, Cooking Show, Food Tasting, Wine Tasting and also the friendly and funny Social Experience with the other classmates!

Giacomo, will introduce the program talking about his Organic Farm and Sustainable Production Systems adopted, pointing up about the genuineness of the ingredients: the bases of his Food Philosophy.
One of your goals will be acquiring the ability to choose the best ingredients to prepare your dishes at home.

At the end of the preparations, you'll taste:
Pappardelle and its sauce
Gnocchi and its sauce
Main course (meat and vegetables)
A glass of selected local Wine to taste paired to each dish, to transform "a lunch" in a real, exciting "Sensorial Path"!

Finally you will taste the Tiramisù, sitting relaxed on the terrace whilst enjoying the amazing view.
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