Dawn Patrol Surf Safari with Local Surfer Guide

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  • 3 hr

Because you want to surf. Honestly, for surfers that first sentence is enough, but since i have to come up with 500 characters for this site- -Because you want/need to surf like now! -Because you are on vacation with out your surfboard because your spouse told you not to bring it . lol -Because you want to surf with a Local Surfer/professional Surf Instructor and understand you will benefit from his or her incite. -Because Surfing with us is fun. because we are driving and you get to drink? (obviously not IN the car.) -Because you wanna smoke a bowl and go for a surf.

Itinerary Details

Upon arriving at The Barbarians Cave in Santa Barbara, we will have a sit down and discuss what you want to get out of our adventure. See if there is a specific break you want to go to or maybe you are just on vacation, happen to be in Santa Barbara with out your gear and just NEED TO GET IN THE WATER!! No Problem my brothers and sisters, we got you.

You can cruise through the cave and select ANY BOARD YOU WANT. We have 30+ Boards for many different waves and body types. After you select your board or even boards for the day, (1-2 boards is fine), we'll get you suited up, load the surf mobile and head for the waves. If we head to a spot and it isn't working we will continue on our safari till we find one that does. LEGIT WAVE HUNT is part of the deal.
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