Mixology and Distillery Workshop

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Aula has developed this one-day workshop with Destilería Andina and Chuncho to showcase the unique techniques and flavors surrounding the cañazo distillation process. We are proud to offer guests a little of everything - tastings, workshops and of course, a delicious lunch to top it off!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Aula Artesana Workshops & Retreats

The tradition of distilling sugar cane into cañazo goes back centuries in Peru, created in backyards and gardens across the country and consumed at home, or with chicha in town plazas. Like many home brews, the recipes lived in the minds of each family, varying slightly from region to region, farm to farm.

Aula partners with Destilería Andina and Bar Chuncho explore distilling and maceration methods based in Peruvian history. And to top off the experience, we join the Chuncho team for a cocktail workshop and family-style tasting lunch to fully appreciate the use of cañazo and local ingredients in contemporary Peruvian mixology.

Workshop duration: Half day (approx. 4 hours)
Minimum occupancy: 2 guests

- ~1 hour distillation and maceration workshop at Destilería Andina
- Tasting of Destilería Andina products
- Farm-fresh ingredients to make your own custom cañazo compuesto
- Artisan cocktail workshop
- A family-style tasting lunch at Chuncho showcasing local dishes and ingredients
- Bi-lingual guide
- A S/30 credit towards the purchase of all Destilería Andina products
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