Off-piste (FreeRide) in Baqueira-Beret.

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There are MANY ski teachers, but NONE has the competence to guide off the slopes. A ski teacher is NOT a mountaineer, nor does he have mountain training in his training beyond the slopes, since his competition is exclusively on the slopes. If you want security and enjoyment, contact who knows and truly knows your profession, and not who says you can do it or think you know it ... (((For sample, this button: (and I'm not going to get too radical :) If for example an off-track fix is broken. Who will download you with safety guarantees, a "Ski Teacher", or a "High Mountain Guide"? I know what I am talking about: I am a Ski Instructor, but I am also a High Mountain Guide, with years of experience, and hundreds of satisfied clients. Can anyone offer you more, with these SECURITY guarantees? Search, compare me, and you will return to select me ...

Itinerary Details

Operated by: ChurGómez / Al Alba

-When the cold invades the mountains and the white snow dazzles us with its luminous beauty, I wait for you here, in "BAQUEIRA-BERET";
definitely! , THE BEST Pyrenean destination with powder snow, ("powder") where you can enjoy this exciting modality ...

- Taking advantage of the ski lifts of this GREAT ski resort, the lovers of the wildest spaces, we will draw in the Arán Valley impressive lines of "Freeride", (both in Skis and Telemark, as in Board,) we will go down the descents more beautiful, and we will make the best "Off-track" routes of "Baqueira-Beret-Bonaigua".

Dare to do Off-piste and immerse yourself in fresh "snow-dust", (or enjoy the smoothness of sliding on "snow-creampie"), enjoying every natural state of the snow !!!

- Accompanying you in each of these descents,
technically studied as a GREAT connoisseur of this environment for you to enjoy while I supervise prioritizing OUR SECURITY as a High Mountain Guide, (only accredited figure to safely carry out this important responsibility,)
We will feel the enormous satisfaction of drawing our footprints where the snows were never visited ...
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