Paint a travel journal: a wonderful memory of your trip

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Painting an art journal is an activity that's 100% great in many aspects. -Art allows you to relax, open your mind and release tensions. It's ideal to enjoy better the rest of your vacation. -It also increases your creativity and your energy level. -If you come with your partner, friends or family, it is quality bonding time since you can share your feelings and creations with eachother. And of course, through the workshop I will give you the techniques to allow you to continue painting and improving by your own during the rest of your holidays !

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Operated by: axelle boucher

Take some time to relax and have fun thanks to art.
In this pratctical workshop, I'll introduce you to the art of making your own beautiful travel sketchbooks. You don't need any preliminary skill to take part to this workshop.

We'll mix essential artistic notions with practice to allow you to reveal your artistic skill (even if you strongly believe you don't have any !) I will of course provide for any materials and tools.

Here's what awaits you :
-First of all choosing a subject according to your preference (ie landscapes, animals or architecture ?) I'll explain how to choose an interesting subject and spot difficulties, then make your subject ready to be painted/drawn.
-Then, I'll explain how to depict your subject. I'll show my favorite techniques to get a beautiful and original render. Then, it's your move ! Step by step, I'll help you paint/draw your own sketchbook page, from preliminary sketch to final colouring.

You'll leave with your work, and above all with skills that will allow you to make a whole travel sketchbook during your trips !
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