Makeover Makeover Workshop: sublimate your face with a make up for you!

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  • 1.5 hr

I am an image coach / personal stylist / makeup artist. My approach is global: visagism / colorimetry / personal style. I detect your personality, your morphological type (visagism), I listen to your needs and so I adapt and choose the technique and gestures to measure. I bring you my look and my Parisian style. A creative but elegant approach with as a starting point your unique character.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Christelle Macia

Your face is unique!
This course gives you the basics of a Parisian day makeup adapted to your morphology and your colorimetry.
Perfect for beginners or women who love light make-up "à la parisienne" for every day.
No false lashes or contouring or other very sophisticated makeup.

By a set of fabrics discover the colors that give a boost to your face.
This colorimetric analysis allows us to select the ideal colors for your makeup.
I explain the technique MAKE UP "Parisian" for the day. Step by step, on half of your face you discover basic gestures and tips adapted to sublimate your face. Step by step you practice and learn on the other side of the face.

We fill in the make-up form at the end of the class so that you can reproduce the same makeup at home. You leave with this makeup sheet + your pocket color chart.
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