Moriarty's Phantom Trap Escape Game in Prague

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NEW: Created in October 2019. STORY: The escape room itself plays with you (or maybe it is the real Moriarty behind the screen?) – we recreated the image of the best player of all time – Moriarty TECHNOLOGIES: Light and sound special effects, electric locks, not a single key used MISSION: Who is Moriarty? In 60 minutes you need to outsmart this ghost! INTERIOR: By popular demand of the players, we left the best parts of our first Va-Bank escape room interior, but the Escape Room is 100% NEW!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Questerland

Many years have passed since Sherlock had to deal and take care of Moriarty. But Moriarty’s spirit is invincible, as it continues to do evil and lure people into its trap. He does not need money nor fame. He is a PLAYER! He loves to play with his victims. If you fall into his trap, then this game will not be for your life but your death. Moriarty’s spirit lives off the emotions of its prisoners – your feelings and fears. He still has high hopes to escape hell, where Sherlock sent him back in the day. Or maybe he’s already among us !?

Tick-tock, Tick-tock … You are trapped. The timer is running. There is no turning back. AND do not except any escape room hints from our operator. This is not an escape room, this is a real trap, and all that is left for you to do is take advise of a crazy ghost (or is he alive)
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