The Lost Tomb: Hidden Temple Theme Escape Room at Extreme Escape San Antonio

60 Ratings
  • Private Tour
  • E-Ticket
  • 1 hr

Extreme Escape has decades of experience creating high-quality attractions with theme-park style experiences. We’ve incorporated multi-dimensional elements like life-sized props, theatrical lighting and even smells to make your “escape” as amazingly realistic as possible.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Extreme Escape

A Mayan Tomb was recently unearthed that has caused tremendous controversy and fear. Unlike other tombs, this one was created as a temple for the gods themselves. A resound archaeologist was sent to catalog the findings, however his recklessness and greed have angered the gods. The peaceful existence between the human race and the gods of the Earth shall be no more! By the time of the next eclipse catastrophic devastation will spread to the entire world! Your team of archaeologists are the only hope to find a way into the tomb and come face to face with the gods. You must earn their trust through a series of vigorous tests to restore their faith in humanity. But beware, the tomb is protected by ancient traps and is crawling with creatures from deep within the Earth! Your team must be fearless, agile and work quickly before time is up and the gods wrath is thrashed upon all that inhabit the Earth. Endure the test of the gods, or forever be sealed in The Lost Tomb.
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