The Other Side: Paranormal Theme Escape Room by Extreme Escape San Antonio

32 Ratings
  • Private Tour
  • E-Ticket
  • 1 hr

Extreme Escape has decades of experience creating high-quality attractions with theme-park style experiences. We’ve incorporated multi-dimensional elements like life-sized props, theatrical lighting and even smells to make your “escape” as amazingly realistic as possible.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Extreme Escape

The year is 1984, through a young boy’s eyes the world appeared full of adventure and endless possibilities… but that was all a fantasy. He saw what others couldn't see, but no one would believe him. Until one day they had no choice but to believe! Did his imagination become a reality? Perhaps there is another side of our dimension? The proof that something is in your closet and has taken the young boy from his family! You and your group of Paranormal Psychologists believe that this is no hoax. You must investigate quickly as paranormal forces surround you. Uncover strange contraptions that prove two dimensions have merged as one. You are the family’s last hope to free the boy and escape before getting trapped in The Other Side!
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