Dynamic Windsurfing Beginner Day2+ Costa del Sol

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After some struggling with balance and sailing on the Day1 course most students make big improvements on this second part of DWES beginner level (Day2+) . -You start to get a good grip of the sailing theory in practice. - Your balance on the board improves radically and you can relax and enjoy. - You will feel like the captain on board -in charge of how and where the board is going :-) Use the patented adjustable Dynamic Windsurfing gear. The board shape and the sail size can be tailored to suit the windsurfer, the location and the weather -Learn and Love the full diversity of windsurfing with one set of gear!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Dynamic Windsurfing center

This course is recommended as an extension of course Day1 or as a refreshing course if you have limited experience. The course focusing on building more skills on the water and you will manage to sail in all directions without need to worry how to get back ashore. After completing this course you are welcome to rent from us in lighter winds.

The class starts with a short theory, repeating basic techniques, followed by a longer session practicing on the water.

We have been teaching the full range of windsurfing courses since year 2000, using the Dynamic Windsurfing Education System.
Day1 - First time on the board /No experience needed
Day2+ - Beginner classes / Minimum Day1 experience recommended
XL & L Continue class / Minimum Day1 and Day2+ experience
M & S Advanced classes / Also offered as day trip to Tarifa

We also offer private classes on flexible dates (all levels).
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