You can only experience here in Japan! ! A shop where you can return to authentic authenticity!

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I know but I should n’t do it tourist spot! You can experience it in Osaka Namba ^^ You can only experience here in Japan! Chabudai Return (/ ・ ω ・) / Showa scenery with chabudai on the tatami mat and cushions! Everyone can use it as a single person.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: U2 unusual-underground

If you turn over the table that you have seen on TV or comics, and turn over the table in your house, it will be a catastrophe! However, our shop's chabu table is upside down with all your power ^^ On the chabu table, real beer bottles, glasses and bowls! ! Please try to turn it up loudly ^^
People who know or don't know how to turn chabudai refresh after use! ! (≧ ▽ ≦)
For safety measures, you can wear a helmet or goggles / mask and rent protective clothing free of charge if necessary.
In front of the platform where you have to choose one course of 5/10/15 pieces!
If a crack is set on the chabu stand! !
Raise the loudspeaker and turn it over! ! !
There is no doubt a refreshing feeling ^ ^
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