Destroy home appliances, furniture, and fragile items with instinct! ! 5kg

  • Private Tour
  • E-Ticket
  • 20 min

tourist spot! Experience an extraordinary experience in the underground space of Namba, Osaka! ! Crush your microwave oven, rice cooker, cup or plate with a bat or iron pipe or throw it against a wall or floor to break it! Unleash your instinct as you please! ! !

Itinerary Details

Operated by: U2 unusual-underground

《When making a reservation, please let us know your arrival time by message》
You can experience things you can't do in everyday life. Experience the extraordinary in the underground space of Namba, Osaka! Use a bat or steel pipe to smash breakables, furniture, and home appliances, or slam them against walls and floors to smash them with your instincts! ! Customers can choose fragile items, home appliances, and furniture. Helmets, protective gear (covers), gloves, and safety shoes can be borrowed free of charge. Because it is located in a tourist area, many overseas travelers use it ^ ^
The amount is determined by the number of participants, so please apply with two adults even if two adults and children play together.
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