Nara Highlight Walking & local Sake tasting tour (Small-Group)

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Nara is Japan's first permanent capital which was established in the year 710. That history is older than Kyoto. There are full of historic treasures, including some of Japan's oldest and largest temples. Also, Nara is known as the birthplace of Japanese sake. We'd like to take you to the highlight places like the Kasuga Shrine (which features over 3,000 stone and bronze lanterns), Nigatsudo (Great view spot), Todaiji (largest Buddha statue in Japan), Kohukuji (five story pagoda), Nara park (many deer) and photogenic Nara town with local sake brewery. Our tour is small group. It's good to walk and talk with local guide with few people. You can efficiently explore Nara area for 4 hours. 【Remarks】 *This tour can arrange from 2 guests. If you are 1 person, please send us inquiry first. *If you can't drink Sake, we would like to change other drink or sweets.

Itinerary Details

Begin your afternoon adventure to meet up with your guide at JR Nara Station.
You can directly come there from Osaka (app. 50min.) or Kyoto (app. 70 min.)
From JR Nara Station, you and your guide will take a local bus to the path leading to Kasuga Taisha Shrine, one of the World Heritage Sites in Nara. 

To walk on the entrance path with viewing sacred groove, you will arrive at Kasuga Taisha Shrine.
This is one of the must-see place in Nara, you can imagine what Japanese Shintoism is exactly here.
Especially the dark hall with 3,000 latern (Fujinami-no-ya hall) must make you feel mysterious.

After leaving Kasuga Taisha Shrine, your guide take you to Nigatsudo Temple with enjoying the view of native woods and passing by swordsmith.
At the terrace of Nigatsu-do Temple, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of entire Nara city and surrounding mountains.

Your third destination is main hall of Todai-ji Tmeple which is absolutely famous for the giant Buddha statue.
That statue is one of the lagest bronze Buddha statues in Japan, and also that hall is one of the largest wooden buildings in the world.
After you savour it enough, have a small break with deers in the Nara park beside Nandaimon Gate.
During this small break, you can buy some souvenir around there.

Next, your guide will take you to a local sake brewery with more than 130 years history.
On the way of that, there are the famous five story's pogota of Kofuku-ji Temple and scenic Ukimi-do pavilion surrounding by pond.
When you arrive at the sake brewery, let's taste five different local sake!!
Since Nara is known as the birth palce of Japanese Sake and blessed with natural environment, you may encounter high-quality Sake.
If you could find a good one, it would be a good idea to buy it for a souvenir.

At the end of your tour, you and your guide will head to JR Nara station to go through the scenic and cultural narrow street in Naramachi.
Enjoy the view of well-preserved townhouses and the unique atmosphere of Naramachi.

After this tour, if you prefer to spend more time around Nara, you can stay there.
If you want to go back to Kyoto or Osaka, you can take a train from Nara Station.
If you have a question about the transportation, your dinner, or your travel plan, do not hesitate to ask your guide.
We will advice you about Nara, Osaka or Kyoto like your local friend!!
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