4 Days Nile Cruise , Aswan or Luxor, Abu Simbel

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Savor the timeless experience that is a Nile cruise as you sail from Aswan to Luxor on an indulgent ship with on board swimming pool. Feast on breakfast, lunch, dinner—and even afternoon tea—as you discover ancient Egypt’s highlights. Professional Egyptology are on hand as you visit the temples of Abu Simbel, Philae,high dam, Kom Ombo, Edfu, valley of the kings,Hatsheput,Colossi of Memnon, and Karnak. Cruise the Nile with overnights in Aswan, Edfu, and Luxor. Learn about ancient Egypt from professional Egyptology guide. Enjoy a full-board feast, a swimming pool, and ample on board entertainment. train tickets,meals and all transfers are included. Door to door transfer from and to your hotel. Valley of the kings and so much more with an Egyptology guide. Visit the great Abu Simbel temples. Touch the great culture in Luxor and Aswan. Best rate and service are our target. Have a nice trip

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Luxor Nile Cruise

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Day 1 Luxor ( west Bank)

Stop At: Valley of the Kings

It considers as the royal cemetery of the Theban kings and rulers of ancient Egypt, and the place where our Pharaohs were buried "Enter tomb of King Tut Ankh Amun"

Stop At: Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari

This temple is considered as one of the most wonderful examples of the Architecture in ancient Egypt, because it was totally carved inside the mountain.

Stop At: Howard Carter House

You visit the home that once belonged to the man who discovered the tomb of King Tut .

Stop At: Colossi of Memnon

It is belonging to king Amenhotep III.

Day 2 Luxor ( east Bank)

Stop At: Temple of Karnak

It is the largest structures ever build in the history of the mankind. The principal building is that of god Amun Ra, since it was considered the house of god on the earth, the earlier structure date back to the middle kingdom, but there are some references which refer to the earlier buildings as old as the 3rd dynasty.

Stop At: Luxor Temple

It was built by one of the kings of the 12th dynasty and completed by the well know king Ramses II. This temple was located in the heart of ancient Thebes and, like Karnak, was dedicated to the main/chief god Amun Re.

Duration: 2 hour

Day 3 edfu , kom ombo , Aswan

Stop At: Temple of Horus

you will visit the majestic temple dedicated to Horus which is considered by most to be the best preserved cult temple in Egypt. According to the Egyptian myths, it was the place where the falcon-headed god Horus revenged the murder of his father Osiris by killing Seth.

Stop At: Temple of Kom Ombo

It is standing on high grounds overlooking the Nile. It differs from other temples because of its double entrance, each one is dedicated to divinity "Haroeris" with his falcon head and " Sobek "with his crocodile head. The Temple of Kom Ombo was built on the honor of two deities the crocodile-headed Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world, and Haroeris or the ancient falcon-headed Horus. Also,Kom Ombo's importance lies in its huge sugar-cane.

Stop At: Aswan High Dam

It has been erected by the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1960 AD to protect Egypt from the Nile flood.

Stop At: Temple of Philae

It was erected during the Gaeco-Roman period and was dedicated to goddess Isis (mother of god Horus).

Day 4 Abu simbel

Stop At: Abu Simbel Temple Complex

The original site was known as Meha in the ancient times and was first documented in the 18th Dynasty, when Ay and Horemheb had rock-cut chapels hewn in the hills to the south. Upon arrival, you will proceed to visit Abu Simbel Temples, which were built by king Ramses II. The first temple (the biggest one) was built by Ramesses II and being dedicated to the famous god Rahorakhty. While the second temple (the smaller one) was dedicated to king himself and his beautiful wife queen Nefertari.
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