5 days Surf Camp with Joana Andrade : Apnea*, Video Analysis, Coaching & more !

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Are you an Intermediate or Advanced surfer looking to bring your surf to the next level ? This exclusive program has been specifically developped for you, and will introduce you to unique tools like Apnea, Video Analysis and personnalized coaching. This 5 days program is developed and lead by the internationally renowned Big Waves surf rider Joana Andrade, and was inspired by the daily routine that she uses to prepare for Big Waves. This training offers a complete experience to improve your physical, mental and emotional capacities for Surf. This is an exclusive program were you can learn unique tools like Apnea, Video Analysis With this program you will learn : - Breath Holding techniques - To Surf in different spots : beach and reef breaks - How to get more confident in wipeouts - About Water Safety and the underwater dangers - How to better read the waves - How to manage the fear that can get in the way of your progression

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Progress Surf School

This special 5 days program is dedicated to Intermediate and Advanced surfers who want to bring their surf to the next level to take bigger and better waves !
With our coaches Joana Andrade (only Portuguese woman surfing the big waves in Nazare) and Antonio Neto (Brazilian surfer and professional surf coach specialized for advanced surfers) you will improve your surf with :
- 5 Surf Sessions in different spots
- 3 Video Analysis with move-by-move breakdowns
- 2 Apnea* Sessions in the pool or in the ocean (*underwater breathwork techniques)
- Individual Goal Setting to break down the barriers to your progression
- Pre-surf Warm Up to prepare your body every day for an epic surf session
- Stretch Out sessions every day to help your muscles repair after long days of surfing
- Boards (opportunity to try different boards), Wesuit, Transport to the surf spots & Insurance
- Surf Theory sessions covering forecasting, overcoming fear and how to choose the right board
- Discount card for after surf food and drinks in the best spots of Ericeira
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