Morning Qigong in the Augarten Park Graz

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This Morning Qigong Course is for everyone who are interested in getting to know yourself better. Through Movement combined with Breath you will make your Mind and Body connected. This in turn can help you to get rid of certain ailments which come with daily life, Tension, Headaches, Backaches, Muscleaches just to name a few. You can also see it as a massage to your whole organism. Join me in the mornings Mo-Fri 6.00 a.m until 6.30 a.m and feel this amazing Art for yourself!

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Operated by: Holger Murgg

Morning Qigong in the Augarten Park Graz. Get in touch with your Body and Soul. Guide with your Mind your Qi, for a healthier you. The Art of Change (Baguazhang) is all about change and can only be changed by you, you just need to know how and that is where I can help you!
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