Airport Transfer, City Tour, Sacred Valley & Machupicchu (All Included)

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Enjoy your time visiting Cusco while we make all the arrangements for your 3 days tours in Cusco. Visit Machupicchu aboard the Expedition Train, Visit the Sacred Valley with a sumptuous Buffet Lunch in a cozy restaurant, and explore the best Inka sites around the City of Cusco with our informative and friendly guides!

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Day 1 Arrival Transfer & Cusco City Tour

Stop At: Cusco Cathedral

The Cathedral of Cusco has splendid altars of both Renaissance and Baroque style and neoclassical style. Its carved wooden pulpit and the choir stalls are magnificent works of Cusco craftsmanship. There is also an important collection of paintings from the Cusco school works by Diego Quispe Tito, Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallo, Basilio Pacheco and Mark Zapata, who created a unique "Last Supper" in which the main dish is roast guinea pig.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At:

According to Inca conception, the Qorikancha was the religious, geographical and political center of Cusco. It was the place where homage was paid to the highest of Inca deities, the “Inti” (Sun). Etymologically, the word “Qorikancha” is divided as follows: “Qori” means “worked gold”- its Spanish form is “cori”. “Kancha” means place enclosed or limited by walls- its Spanish form is “cancha”, which suggests that the name approximately corresponds to “fenced place that contains gold”. It is said that when the Spanish reached the Temple of Qorikancha, they had never seen so much gold in one place; the walls of the temple were covered with a layer of gold that illuminated the entire enclosure and in its extensive gardens there were representations of animals and cornfields made of pure gold. Most of the pieces were sent to Spain, as a “thank you” to the king for allowing the expeditions of conquest.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Sacsayhuaman

This immense ruin of both religious and military significance was built using megalithic limestone rocks, some of them weighing as much as 120 tons, The name itself can be translated as “speckled head” and some say that the city of Cusco was laid out in the shape of a puma, with Sacsayhuaman forming the head.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Q'enqo

​It was one of the most important wak'as (holy places) in the Incan Cusco. Many wak'as were based on naturally occurring rock formations. It was believed to be a place where sacrifices and mummification took place.

Duration: 25 minutes

Stop At: Puka Pukara

​Means in Quechua “red fortress”, and it took this name because of the colour of the stones used for its construction. It occupies a very strategic space over a natural mountain spur for facilitating observation and control over the valley of Cusco.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Tambomachay

​Tambomachay might have fulfilled an imortant religious function linked with water and the regeneration of the soil. It is calculated that it was built around 1500 a,C., in close relation to Puca Pucara.

Duration: 30 minutes

Day 2 Sacred Valley Full DayTour

Stop At: Pisac

The National Archeological Park is made up of groups of archeological remains in which terraces, aqueducts, paths that are associated to walls and gates, water channels, cemeteries, bridges, etc. It is 4 square kilometers big. On this area the ruins are located covering the slopes, they are presented and groups in difficult distribution, while there are isolated buildings in other areas.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Pisac Market

In the main square under centennial trees, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday a traditional fair takes place that are famous by the diverse and colorful textiles and pottery that is offered there. The town's inhabitants and the nearby communities are catholic that is why they celebrate masses. In the temple there is a Quechua spoken mass on Sundays with the attendance of authorities (mayors or varayoc) wearing typical outfits and with Pututos sounds.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Ollantaytambo

Every finished stone is an independent master piece regarding the other ones, with diverse sides, volumes and angles. The ancient Perivuans weren’t as practical as we are now had a different concept of time and art. The Temple of the Sun It is an amazing architectonic site almost completely destroyed, only the unmovable pieces remain there that make up a stone master piece that because of its strength, size and way of junction resisted the robbery of idols and treasures. It is believed that all the group made up the Sun Temple in which only the eastern wall remains made up of 6 red porphyry stones and among them incredibly exact slats.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Chinchero

Chinchero was an important urban center which center was where now the church is, around it wonderful walls of polyhedrons as retaining walls are shown shaping the terraces, also you can see big rooms with windows, niches, doorways. The current main square where the Sundays fairs take place, finishes with an Inca wall on the eastern side which has 12 niches each of them with 2m tall and 1.5m wide. This wall is also an ornament and retaining wall for another square working as atrium in front of the church. The remains of three shrines are found which are called Titiqaqa, Pumaqaqa, Chincana; that are enormous outcrops of limestone carefully carved by ancient Peruvians, shaped as steps, stairways. There is a group of terraces built according the geographic shape.

Duration: 45 minutes

Day 3 Machupicchu Full Day Tour

Stop At:

Sacred City - The origin place of the Inca Empire, Machupicchu Located at 2,430 meters high in a beautiful place, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, the sanctuary of Machu Picchu was probably the most amazing architectural achievement of the Inca Empire in its apogee. Its ramparts, terraces and gigantic ramps give the impression of having been carved in the escarpments of the rock, as if they were part of it. The natural frame, located in the eastern slope of the Andes, forms part of the Upper Amazon Basin, which has a very varied flora and fauna.

Duration: 12 hour

Day 4 Departure Transfer

Stop At: Cusco

World tourism paradise, Cusco was the sacred city of the Incas, which is why we have Inca walls in the streets of an entire building stone. Cosmopolitan to the extreme, inhabitants of Cusco combines almost everyone living with their originals and provide it with all kinds of restaurants and shops. Inca palaces of supreme beauty, are part of the daily walk through its streets. Fine plazas, splendid churches and a people accustomed to visitors, make one of Cusco's most important tourist destinations in the world.

Duration: 30 minutes
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