Private stargazing on La Palma

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Stargazing under the night sky La Palma. Best climatic conditions due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean. Low humidity or dry air offer ideal conditions for a transparent night sky. Different climatic zones offer alternatives in case of possible climatic fluctuations, e.g. Clouds or cloudy air. Access and use of 2 professional telescopes: 1 Maksutov Skywalker reflector telescope, 8 "primary mirror. 1 600mm Skywalker lens telescope. Both telescopes mounted on an equatorial mount. Theming the solar system and its closest neighbors. Distances and distances of the objects. Description of the constellations and constellations with laser pointer. Due to the geographical location of La Palma, there is often the opportunity to see large parts of our galaxy, the Milky Way. In summer, observations up to the "Southern Cross" constellation are possible. Theming astrophotography.

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Operated by: NAUTIC STARS La Palma

Observing planets, star clusters, galaxies and the Milky Way with professional telescopes. Description of the constellations and objects in the night sky. astrophotography.
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