Urban Escape Room in Edinburgh Red Nights

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Go on an adventure in the city of your choice in the United Kingdom with our Urban Escape Games. Stroll through the city with your team (with family or friends) and let yourself be guided by the mobile application. Solve the puzzles and complete several missions. Take a good look at your surroundings to help you! Explore differently: your adventure starts now!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Coddy

Face the dangers lurking in the city to save your missing brother in a very strange way! Can you overcome the trials that will stand before you?

Inspired by real events, this story immerses you in October 1684, a troubled time.
In recent months, there have been disturbing disappearances every week, kidnappings are legion, bodies are rarely found and when they are, they are in lint at the bottom of the canal. Fear has settled in the streets, it is on the lookout that we return to our homes at night and meticulously avoid each cut-throat.

But today it's your brother who seems to have vanished and you fear the worst. Quickly, you decide to go looking for him, because every second is precious. Will you trust the police, or will you instead try to find him by less orthodox means? Time is running out and if it is not excluded that you could make allies during this adventure, time will certainly not be part of it! Can you save your brother before it's too late?
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