Outdoor Escape Game - The stolen ring (Mayfair)

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Help Special Agent Damburger to find the stolen ring of the Duchess of Mayfair. Your urban adventure will take place in Mayfair. Equipped with your special agent's kit (map, UV lights and other gadgets), you will have to solve puzzles and to open hidden safe in order to track the thief and find the stolen ring. You will have one hour to complete your quest. Only if you need it, clues and hints will be provided by walkie-talkies...

Itinerary Details

The stolen ring of the Duchess of Mayfair - Current record: 32min

During this urban adventure, you will have one hour to solve puzzles and find hidden items in the streets and parks to progress in your adventure. An important ring belonging to the Duchess of Mayfair has been stolen. Your mission is to find the ring to give it back to the Duchess.

You will have to manipulate gadgets, analyse your surroundings to find hints and use your brain to solve puzzle. All the equipment required will be provided and you will operate on your own with your team. Clues and hints would be provided on demand via walkie talkies.
The quest will kick-off at Mount Street Garden and continue in Mayfair. You will have one hour to complete your mission which will lead you in the parks of Mayfair.

Get ready for a fun and challenging hour of problem solving in the style of indoor escape rooms.
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