Hiking Adventure Bukhansan Highest Peak & Old Buddhist temples visit (Lunch inc)

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You’ll explore not only the beautiful nature but historical sites with me! During the hike, we will visit a couple of old Buddhist temples and Bukhansanseong fortress. This route is the shortest way to reach the summit. Everyday more than 20,000 people hike in Bukhansan mountain to escape from the city. If you want to experience what locals love, this is a must-visit place. You wouldn't believe this huge city has such a beautiful nature! I hiked in Kilimanjaro, Himalayas, Fuji, Alps and many other mountains in the world. I think Bukhansan is as beautiful as, or even more beautiful than these mountains I hiked. The scenery is unbelievably beautiful. I believe you will have the most memorable travel in Korea through this hike! Check out our Instagram for more info! @honeytrailkorea

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Honey Trail

Bukhansan is the only national park and the highest mountain in Seoul. We will hike to peak, Baekundae.
It offers breathtaking scenery, and an amazing view of the cites. You wouldn't believe such mountains are located in this huge city.

During the hike, we will visit old Buddhist temples such as Doseonsa. It was established in 862 in Silla Kingdom by Doseonguksa monk. According to the legend, he broke the huge rocks with his bare hands and carve Buddha. Interestingly, it doesn't have any evidence of chisel marks.
We will also walk along Bukhansanseong fortress. The fortress was built in 1711 in order to protect the Joseon dynasty from foreign enemies. You can enjoy not only nature but also historical sites during the hike.

This is the shortest route to the summit. If you want to experience what Koreans love, this is the place you should explore. Over 10,000 of locals hike in Bukhansan everyday. In 2020, over 6 million visited in total.
Wear comfortable shoes and bring enough food for the 6-hour hike. You can buy food such as Gimbab (seaweed roll) near the trail. Then you’re ready to hike in Bukhansan with nature lovers!

Check out our Instagram for more info!
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