Santa Cruz Redwoods Forest Therapy

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  • 2.5 hr

A majestical journey where the outside world and the inside world blend together in the Redwood Forest.

Itinerary Details

This guided Forest Therapy experience will take place in a safe Park in Santa Cruz. Forest Therapy is a meditative experience that calms the mind while increasing your connection to the natural world. Embrace the present moment in the majestic, ancient Redwoods. The Santa Cruz Redwood Forest is world renown and is part of one the most delicate biospheres on earth. Walk among the worlds tallest trees and allow nature to bring you to a state of peace and equanimity.

We have all experienced the profound feeling of being truly absorbed in nature, the sense of calm that washes over the mind, the feeling of being truly connected to ourselves and the earth. The echoing bird song, the aroma of the trees natural oils, the cool soft touch of a mossy tree trunk, the sunlight refracting through the branches - as we let the daily rush slip away, we feel relaxed and supported by the forest.

Forest Bathing has been shown to reduce stress and worry, strengthen the immune system, enhance positive moods, and increase energy & vitality.

Great for families, couples and solo travelers alike. An opportunity to silence your phone and lower your screen time while escaping into the natural world.
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