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Taichi and Tea Culture Appreciation- Miukia Culture Experiences Series

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  • 2.5 hr

This class is the combintation of KungFuTea Appreciation and Taichi Quan Excercise, other classes are Pottery Craft Experience, Calligraphy Excercises, Guqin/Guzheng Chinese Classic Music Experience and Appreciation. From this class, you not only can learn, excercise and appreciate Chinese Taichi and Tea culture, but also can join our Miukia Facebook Culture study group, in which we share teaching videos regularlly, the members may interact with teachers and other members after this activity. Kung Fu Tea is a technique of making tea. The reason why it is called Kongfu Tea is because this way of making tea is extremely particular. It takes a certain amount of time to operate. Taichi quan, a national intangible cultural heritage, it is based on the traditional Chinese philosophy of Taichi and yin yang in the philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism. It combines the functions of supporting temperament, physical fitness, martial arts, formed a traditional Chinese boxing technique.

Itinerary Details

Our Chinese Culture Experiense Class starts from 9:30 am. to 11:30 noon every day. You will be picked up from your hotel directly.

In the 3 hours classes, you may learn and appreciate the following items in English:
***Kung Fu Tea Taste And Appreciation(0.5-1 hour aprox)***
-Learn what is the best temperature for different types of tea.
-Review the source of the tea,learn the difference and development of tea culture in different countries.
-Learn and practice the brewing skills, tea sets choice and applications.
-Appreciate 2-5 types of tea.
-How to check the tea quality.

***Hands in Hands Tai Chi Excercise(2 hours aprox)***
-Learn from the basic and simple movment.
-Learn how to breathe when practise.
-Teacher shows you and corrects your movment face to face hands in hands.
-Apprciate teacher's Taichi performance.
-Learn how to preserve health with long time Taichi practise after class.