Krakow Escape Rooms - fantasy, adventure, action, crime and more!

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Booking an escape room for your trip is a great way to diversify your touring experience! Solving puzzles is a form of entertainment that will keep you thinking. We are proposing multiple original scenarios in which you are the main characters - you have an hour to feel like your favourite movie heroes and just like them you get a chance to save the world, find a lost treasure, discover the identity of a serial killer and many others!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Gamescape

You'll take part in an escape room game- solving puzzles, finding codes and working through one of five different scenarios- magical, criminal, oriental and adventure. Available games include:
-Dragon's Curse- The ancient world is on the verge of destruction! Emperor Xi-Liang attacked the sacred zodiac ghosts and they need your help! Only you can face the danger and return balance to the ancient world!
-Protocol C.H.I.M.E.R.A- The fate of humanity is in your hands and the only person with a recipe for the antidote to a dangerous virus is gone. Find agent Chameleon before the Spider Tech criminals find you.
-Anatomy of Crime 2– You get sent to investigate a serial killer’s hideout. You have an hour until the police raids the place. Find a list of victims and all the evidence to help the police catch him before he kills again.
-Enchanted Amulets– The magic world has been cursed! Find the enchanted amulets and get the mythical Cup of Life. Gather a team and lift the curse before it’s too late.
-Dead Men's Chests– You’ve embarked on an adventure to find pirates’ gold. You find yourselves on an island inhabited by cannibals, caught in a trap. Break free and find the lost treasure!
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