Virtual Reality Race Game at Circus Maximus

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- Take part in the very first interactive horse racing game at the Circus Maximus. - Discover through an animated and certified 3D reconstruction the history of the largest building reserved for shows in Roman times and the story of how the magnificent city of Rome began to its maximum splendor. - Become the star of circus chariot races and win the big prize: 1 Million of sesterces and a laurel crown under the watchful eyes of the emperor.

Itinerary Details


Take part in an exciting virtual reality game with Circus Maximus GO. Go back in time through a 3D historical reconstruction of Ancient Rome. Meet Romulus, intent on tracing the sacred boundary of the city of Rome and watch it take shape before your eyes from the first monuments to its extension. Marvel at the first wooden structures of the archaic Circus Maximus and take part in the first chariot races. Finally, discover the Foro Boario, a shopping center on the Tiber full of fish and fruit stalls. After a short break, our staff will accompany you inside the Circus, to a salient point, where, wearing the viewer, you can finally start your run. Grab the controller, pick the horse color and go. Drive the wagon, lean left or right to make a turn, watch out for your opponents, wipe off your sweat and move on. No, you fell! Come on, get up, you have 7 laps to complete. Will you be the winner? 1 million sesterces and a laurel wreath await you.
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