Learn How to Make Beautiful and Delicious Wagashi Sweets in Tokyo

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Can't get enough of Japanese delicacies? How about making some! Join this 1.5 hour class and learn how to make delicious and beautiful wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets, in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is an intimate, small-group experience where you can watch a veteran wagashi chef at work up-close and try your hand at wagashi making. During this class, you can make four pieces of seasonally-inspired wagashi: one for eating at the end of the class with fine Japanese tea, and the rest that you can take with you.

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First, watch closely and learn while I demonstrate how to make "Nerikiri", then it's your turn to try your hand at Wagashi making.

Delicately form the colored dough into various shapes by hand and carefully add lines with tools to perfectly portray the seasonal beauty of Japan.

Even if you don't have experience in making Japanese sweets, I will guide you through every step of the way, so don't worry!

After taking pictures of your freshly-created masterpieces, let's try one of them with a bowl of delicious Japanese tea.
Too precious to eat? Take the remaining three with you.

What is "Nerikiri"?
Nerikiri (raw sweets) are traditional Japanese sweets that are most often associated with wagashi. Made of rice flour and a sweet bean paste filling, and are delicately shaped by hand to reflect the season. Served at the tea ceremony.
Because it's "Raw sweets", and without preservatives, expiration date is 1-2 days if Keep refrigerated.

We will create 2 kinds of wagashi (nerikiri) , the shapes which choose by the host, usually represents Japanese nature like seasonal flowers. if you come to join us in the different season, you can try different wagashi.
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