Tenugui-Furoshiki Wrapping Class & Tea Ceremony in Asakusa, Tokyo

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Learn tenugui/furoshiki wrapping techniques and enjoy a casual tea ceremony in the old town of Asakusa filled with historical charm! Tenugui and furoshiki are both traditional japanese cloths with various colors and patterns that had long been part of people's lives –tenugui as a hand towel or a head wrapper, furoshiki as a wrapping cloth– before the influx of Western-style towels and plastic bags. But in recent years, they are making a big comeback with modern twists as makeshift bags, smartphone covers and much much more. In this class, you can learn all the useful tricks and tips that will come in handy in your everyday life from a professional kimono dresser. Additionally, you will be invited to a small tea ceremony in a traditional tatami room, where you can make tea by yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. This experience will be a perfect little breather in between your hectic travel schedule to get immersed in the timeless beauty of Japanese culture.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: eight one management co.

Arrive at a chic kimono accessory store, only 3 minutes' walk from Asakusa Station, where you will be greeted by your instructor.

Choose between tenugui and furoshiki, and the experienced instructor will teach you stylish yet practical wrapping techniques, while introducing you to the history and evolution of tenugui and furoshiki. You can utilize these wrapping techniques with any mid-sized cloth such as a scarf, so do try at home and add a little Japanese flair to your everyday life!

You'll then move to a Japanese-style tatami room to enjoy a relaxed tea ceremony experience. Here, you will learn the basic techniques and manners of tea ceremony, but don't get too caught up in them and just have a fun time together, whisking matcha green tea and savoring the delicate taste of it!
*Please wear or bring a pair of socks (preferably white).
*The tenugui or furoshiki used during the class cannot be taken home.
*Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
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