Hiroshima Misen Mountain Temple, Calligraphy and Kendo Experience with lunch

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*PLAN NAME Experience Shodo and Kendo at Miyajima Misen Daihonzan Daisho-in (including samurai lunch)     *OUTLINE You can experience special time at Daisho-in which is the oldest temple in Miyajima in Aki Province. Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) workshop will be provided by a calligrapher, Sekidou Sakaguchi, who is also a Miyajima Tourism Ambassador.  For Kendo  (Japanese fencing,) you can experience "two-sword style” fencing, the style established by the famous Musashi Miyamoto. Shodo and Kendo are both behaviors to calm your mind and seek for truth. The spirits of practices, manners, and courtesy exist in there, and you can touch and feel Japanese old traditional cultures.

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Operated by: Attractive JAPAN

<Experience a Japanese tradition "Shodo">

The Miyajima Tourism Ambassador will give you a lesson of Japanese calligraphy. When you finish practicing the basics of calligraphy, he will ask your name or your family member’s name, and he will write them on a square paper board in Kanji (Chinese characters).The paper board will be provided to every one of you as a memento.

<Try "two-sword style" fencing>

First, you will learn how to hold and swing a bamboo sword, and practice the basics in the Japanese-style garden. Then, you will learn the technique of "two-sword style" fencing using a bamboo sword and a wooden sword. A "two-sword style" fencing master, Sekidou Sakaguchi will give you a lesson in full gear. You will practice Men (head), Kote (hand), and Dou (trunk) against him, while getting all pumped up!
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