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You will spend an incredible day experiencing the purest vibrations of Jaipur in the company of a local expert, starting very early in the morning you will visit the pink city through a bicycle tour and explore its streets and temples, you will see how people attend the prayers daily and the devotion that this culture has towards God in many expressions, enjoy tasty meals and refreshments throughout the day, visit the  Monkey Temple where you can feed the monkeys and even cool off in the pool if you wish, we suggest you do so, You will never regret ! Have lunch with an Indian family and feel their warm hospitality, realize the contrast of the pink city in its peaceful mornings and chaotic evenings, have the best sunset view in Nahargarh Fort, and to end the day enjoy a tasty dinner in a local restaurant, you can be sure that this day will have a lot of fun from start to finish, guaranteed!

Itinerary Details

Operated by: one world holidayz

Our expert will come to pick you up from your hotel, the day starts at 6:30 a.m. to make the most of the time, we will go to the pink city and explore this magical place from every corner on a bicycle tour, you are going to feel how the city begins the day in a harmonious and peaceful way, the natural beauty of its streets, and the devotion of the people in the temples; then you will have to recharge your batteries with a local breakfast to start feeling the flavors of the region, be prepare to try as much as this place has to offer, once you finish with the food we will take you to one of the hidden pearls of Jaipur, the Monkey Temple, this place is incredible since it has in summary all the essence of the culture, you can take the time you want to visit this complex of temples that are on both sides of the hill; As the name suggests, the monkeys are there and you can feed them and even cool off in the pool if you wish, this is a true local experience that is totally worth it.

After seeing how the pink city wakes up and discover the pure heart of everyday life in temples and streets and spend time in the monkey temple and see these playful animals up close, you are going to visit an Indian family, this is one of the best opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture and interact with people to know their life and mentality, the family will be happy to welcome you in a traditional way and share a special lunch, in this get together time you will be part of the family and share chai , henna, sweets and everything you want to experience.

After that wonderful experience with the family we will return to the pink city, this time in the evening to enjoy its colorful bazaars and realize the contrast between the quiet and peaceful streets of the morning with the busy and chaotic afternoons , we will get around in rickshaw to have a look and walk; it is there where we will appreciate one of the things that makes India a charming place, and it is the fact that the same place shows you very different scenes and realities depending on the moment and the eyes that you look at them.

for the sunset we will take you to the perfect place to have the best view of Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort, enjoy for a moment as the rhythm of the city passes through your eyes in the distance.

When you return to the city explore the most amazing local restaurant, we can bet you will not find more tasty food anywhere else in India!

by the time of ending this experience will be around ten or eleven in the night, we will drop you back to your hotel to have a well deserved rest time.
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