Cosmopolitan "medieval" Bled Walking Tour

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Cosmopolitan Medieval Bled Tour is a personalized 2 hours walking tour in the full late medieval - early rennaisance knight appearance (with single handed sword, hunnic bow and arrows) on the lake shore ob Bled (on its eastern part), where view over the most of the sights is concentrated. These are: stunning mountain ranges, fairy tale image of the church on the island close enough to provide spectacular silhouette, medieval Castle looming on the cliff directly above the lake. Since I am taking part in the Bled Castle Medieval Performance Group, I am also expert on medieval history and culture, knights and castles.Beside of presenting elements of stunning natural and cultural sights, myths and legends, Bled was also the place of major historical events during the first and the second World War, summer residence of  Yugoslav royal family  and residence of communist president Josip Broz Tito,where he was forging the worlds third block of non-aligned countries during the Cold War period.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Tomaz Kosir: Concierge of Slovenia

We meet and start at Bled Trade - Commercial centre (parking lot - physical address - Ljubljanska 7) called Gadaffi where you will learned what this mediterranean piece of architecture is doing in the middle of alpine resort. We proceed on foot towards the oldest and the most eminent of Bled hotels - Grand Hotel Toplice, which ever since his foundation became the gathering point of the high society of the time. Beneath the hotel we enjoy the majestic view over the Bled Lake scenery, Triglav National Park, Julian Alps and Karavanke mountain range along with detailed description of the sights. Next stop is part of the lake beneath Casino where the history of the Medieval Castle and the Middle Ages comes along with its background. We walk on for aprox. 200 and our next stop is port of traditional bled boats called Pletna and there comes a time for major Bled myths and legends, Turkish incursions, and first bled tourists - medieval pilgrims. Couple of steps further on we make a stop in the SPA park and there we learn how beginnings of more cosmopolitan tourism coincide with arrival of Swiss hydropath Arnold Rikli to Bled. 100 m further on we meet the monument dedicated to the greatest Slovene poet France Preseren - the location is not coincidence. Then we ascend to the St. Martin Church - and here comes the real time party, First World War,  Karadjordjevic royal family, Heinrich Himmler and Partisan resistance movement during the Second World War, and of course the cream of it, when Yugoslav communist president Tito held his diplomatic residence here, manipulating both East and West to its own benefit, forging the worlds third bloc (as alternative to Communist East and Free World)  and therefore hosting here his allies from socialist and non-aligned states. The final part is the best part.
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