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A breathtaking sunset view at Nahargarh Fort is something you would want to keep going back to. In the company of a professional & private local tour guide, you'll explore fascinating bazaars and historic sights. Tradition and modernity exist beautifully side by side: on the vibrant streets, motorbikes jostle for space with camel carts, whilst turbaned village elders rub shoulders with youngsters in jeans. Learn about less explored Panna Meena step well and Iswari Minar Swarga Suli. Taste delicious lassi at Lassiwala. A private air-conditioned car and driver will buy you will the comfort. Skip the line tour as your tour guide will help you buy entry tickets. These are perfectly placed 2 days to help you get under the skin of Jaipur.

Itinerary Details

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Day 1 Learn about key sites in Jaipur & an incredible view of Jaipur at Iswari Minar Swarga Suli

Stop At: Panna Meena ka Kund

The beautiful 16th-century stepwell lies in the shadow of a famous fortress. Panna Meena stepwell is a square-shaped stepwell, with adjoining stairs on all four sides and a room on the northern wall. It is considered to be one of the best photography spots in Jaipur. It’s a great place to sit and spend some time during the hot summer afternoons because the ground of the kund remains very cool during that time. According to the local residents, it’s impossible for a person to use the same stairs to get down and go back up.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Jal Mahal

One of the most wonderful sights in Jaipur. The light, sand-colored stone walls and the water make for a wonderful contrast. It sits in the middle of the Man Sagar lake! The ancient palace that was previously used for duck-hunting is currently off-limits to the public, but it definitely makes for a postcard-perfect photo.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: City Palace of Jaipur

located deep within the walled city, its a beautiful fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture, the palace is still home to the last ruling royal family which lives in a private section of the palace. The City Palace museum displays a vast and unique collection of royal costumes and very well-preserved Rajput weaponry, some dating back to the 15th century. This place will help you imagine the grandeur of the royal lifestyle which once shimmered in Jaipur!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Stop At: Jantar Mantar - Jaipur

It's not a regular architectural monument. It is very scientific. This attraction in Jaipur displays the ancient scientific instruments to study astronomy. A collection of large stone instruments that were made in 1726 to measure time, predict eclipses, and track the movements of the stars and planets. the largest of the five astronomical observatories. It contains sixteen geometric devices, designed to measure time, track celestial bodies and observe the orbits of the planets around the sun.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Hawa Mahal - Palace of Wind

The literal meaning of Hawa Mahal is “Palace of winds”! The architecture is designed to let the cool breeze continuously circulate in the palace. . its delicately latticed windows allowed women of royal families to remain concealed as they observed the hustle and bustle of the street below. This unique five-story structure is a blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Swargasuli Tower

Very interesting and less touristy. If you have the heart and legs to climb up this swirling tower, you should visit this place. Definitely worth it. The breeze at the top is reason alone, not to mention the incredible view. Swarga Suli Tower in the old Jaipur city- Visitors can take in panoramic city views from atop this prominent 18th-century, 7 or 8-story minaret. but it requires quite a steep climb to the top (circular ramp up the tower). Your tour guide can take you there and see if you're able to climb up.

Duration: 30 hour

Stop At:

Taste the delicious lassi at the famed lassiwala.

Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: Jagat Shiromani Ji Temple

a very ancient temple of Jagat Siromani Ji builds between 1599 and 1608 AD. An architectural marvel. The sheer grandeur of the intricate work on the stone will get you mesmerized. A peaceful abode that is majestic at the same time, less explored, and not even known by many travelers.

Duration: 30 minutes

Day 2 Explore more of Jaipur and a stunning sunset at Nahargarh Fort

Stop At: Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum holds to be a treat to yearning eyes. With absolutely stunning architecture and intricate design, this museum is the pride of Jaipur in every measure. It’s a true representation of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and design. This revival style of architecture was used by the British in India during the 19th century. With stylish and beautiful decorative elements, the museum is a classic example of the architectural finesse of that time. Enjoy the intricate designs on museum exteriors with typical ‘Chhatri’ style towers with absolutely fine craftsmanship. Every part of the museum emulates a tale of the yesteryear giving us a glimpse of a time when machines were not used to carve the most gorgeous designs. Complete with brown and beige tinge stone exteriors, a sprawling garden, and lined with murals and Persian paintings within, this museum is a treat for sore eyes.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Royal Gaitor Tumbas

Royal Gaitor Tumbas where the former Maharajas of Jaipur are entombed. The chhatris (cenotaphs), made of white marble display the distinctive Rajput style of architecture. The crematorium is located in the middle of yellow sandstone hills. The décor and extravagance of a particular chattri is meant to reflect the stature and prowess of the ruler it contains. The most graceful and beautiful chattri at Gaitor is that of Maharaja Jai Singh with 20 carved pillars. Tourists are especially drawn to it because of its intricate carvings.

Duration: 35 minutes

Stop At: Galtaji Temple

18th-century ancient monkey temple squeezed between cliffs in a rocky valley, It is also known as the Galtaji or Monkey Temple as you will find hundreds of monkeys living here who really don’t seem phased by you. It houses some very run-down temples and three water tanks. lots of shaped roofs, balconies, and arches. One can imagine how beautiful this place was in its prime. Beautiful and peaceful place! An amazing refuge away from the vibrant and noisy Jaipur. The temple is straight out of the jungle book with elaborate carvings and ruins.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Nahargarh Fort

Creating an impressive northern backdrop to the city of Jaipur. Nahargarh means abode of tigers. The palace has 12 matching boudoirs for the queens, at the head of which is a suite for the king. They are all connected by corridors decorated with delicate murals. Nahargarh Fort offers the most striking view of Jaipur’s scenic landscape. During the sunset, when the entire Jaipur city gets lit up, Nahargarh Fort offers the most sparkling view of the entire city. The skyline above the fort revels in glory when the fort is floodlit in the night; you have to be there yourself to witness the stunning sunset view. As the dusk arrives, the beautiful, iconic structures are gorgeously lit up with colorful lights. Drive past Water Palace illuminated with thousands of floodlights reflecting on the waters of the lake, the sight really captivates your hearts and souls. Take a walk through the bazaar (markets). You can also drive past illuminated Albert Hall.

Duration: 3 hour
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