Musashi Ninja Hands on Seminar for SMALL group, Can coordinate start time

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Learn the history of traditional swordsmanship with roots that can be traced back more than 490 years. Our workshop is for those who want to know more than just have fun. So, we think it's important to provide a reliable interpreter/trainer with specialty knowledge. Our licensed interpreter/trainer(s) will give you top-notch, real-time interpretation. Our clan is the only ninja clan remaining in Japan whose ancestors served the Tokugawa Shogunate for 265 years. In 1868 they became independent so they could continue to keep their identity as shinobi. We focus on introducing our shinobi-samurai principles handed down by our ancestors. With this workshop, you can learn the authentic way of sword handling and techniques and the shuriken (ninja star) throwing at a real dojo. At the same time, you'll gain historical insight into both ninja and samurai traditions.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Ninja-Samurai Experiences

・Opening Meditation
・Instructor Demonstration
・How to wear our ninja-gi samue
・Short introduction to the history of the clan and our weapons and tools
-Tokugawa Ieyasu's Iga Passing
-The First Japanese Embassy to Europe in 1862
-The "Last Samurai"
-The Order of Shinobi Samurai since 1868
-Introduction to the Way of Sansai
・Introduction to Gorin Ninpo
-How to wear a Hakama
・Reiho Etiquettes
・Namba walk
・Basic Kunai Kata (Upon request, kodachi is available)
・Shuriken Throwing as meditation
・Introduction to IN MEISO meditation
・Musashi-ryu Ipponjime
・Photo time
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