IN MEISO Meditation + Sword Practice in English, 90min (10:30 am)印瞑想と居合 通訳付

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You learn the secret of IN (hand sign) meditation and classic swordsmanship with roots that can be traced back more than 490 years. We are the only ones that can introduce the Ninshido culture, as the culture was developed by our shinobi samurai (ninshi). The term "IN" applies to the use of hand signs during meditation. Mudras started in India. The Japanese shinobi developed them as "IN" hand signs. They energize your potential bio-mechanical strength and allow you to go inward deeply and help you relax and recharge your energy levels. "IN" meditation is a powerful tool for self-care and empowerment. We consider it is important for us to explain our culture, history and tradition. Our licensed interpreter-guide, member of our clan, provides you with top-notch, real time translation.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Ninja-Samurai Experiences

The Shinobi samurai(ninshi) have adapted to the needs of the time,
and the ninshi have maintained the wisdom and culture our ancestors developed.
One of them is “IN (mudra)” MEDITATION.

Many know that Kujikiri and breathing play essential roles in mental
concentration and meditation. It’s scientifically proved that theθ-waves
appear in their brainwaves when the shinobi meditate with mudras.
They look almost asleep, but the fact is their minds are vigilant.
The “IN (mudras)” meditation energizes your inner self.

・Wear samue, our dojo uniform.
・Short meditation
・Instructor demonstration.
・Sword technique of musoken (swordsmanship without ego)
・Learn Shinobi breathing
・The 2nd meditation with hand signs

You will learn five fundamental IN (hand signs) and three categories of breathing,
namely, Shin, Tai, Kyo.
Also, classic Battojutsu(technique of drawing and sheathing) is practiced as
active meditation.

The Objectives :
(1) To improve your autonomic functions
(2) To control the mind and body, not to mention the autonomic functions
Through practice, you acquire self-control and self-mastery
(3) To align yourself with nature and others
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