15-Day Jungle Survival Training by Amazon Explorer

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A real challenge for those who want to know their own limits. Participants will have to face situations of isolation and will have to adapt to the environment to be able to survive in the Amazon. Participants will be instructed in survival techniques; you will face different situations that you will have to overcome during training. This is an advanced jungle survival training, participants who want to do it will have to put themselves to the test and face a real challenge.

Itinerary Details

Operated by: Amazon Explorer S.R.L

Iquitos to Jungle Survival Operation Area
• Hike to a designated area to begin the challenge.
• Awareness of the area.
• Proper use of a machete.
• Build of individual shelters.
• Navigating by using the natural signs.
• Compass training.
• Techniques for floating on rivers and lakes.
• Build a raft and float down the river.
• Techniques of finding water and food.
• Methods of making a campfire under extreme conditions.
• Improvised fishing.
• Food preparation.
• Identify and use flora for survival purposes.
• Recognize animals dangerous to humans.
• Build individual flotation devices to float down river.
• Emergency international signals.
• Isolation phase.
• Spend the nights deep in the jungle.
• During this time, you will eat what you have collected.
• You must apply the techniques learned to Survive.
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